The most important Employee Benefit since Auto Enrolment

Mum literally doesn’t have a clue

We are all cyborgs if you think about it?

We agree with Elon Musk.  The mobile phone is physically attached to you throughout the day and you interact with it constantly, almost as much as the phone interacts with and supports you. But as we move to doing everything through our phones and online we risk locking out the people we need to help sort things out if we were to die suddenly.  

The Headstone platform is designed for you to collect all of this information, as much or as little as you want to handover to people or just one maybe in the event of your death. We can do a lot of this really quickly but then you can, ideally, take a bit more time to add in extra stuff to be super extra helpful!

Think about what is actually online and probably exclusively so through a web or app based company:  

  • Accounts in a bank or an investment company
  • Membership cards and loyalty programs
  • Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and others.
  • Photos- literally everywhere right, data, music, and other files  
  • Amazon, PayPal, and iTunes are all so just normal now
  • Subscriptions that can be managed via the internet with zero paperwork anywhere

We bet that if you sit down and figure out how many logins you have you’ll scare yourself.   For security, each of these will have passwords and potentially two-factor authentication. On the internet, there are businesses that offer apps that can keep track of all of your passwords.  

You must decide if the executors you have named to look after your regular will might also look after this digital nightmare too. It's possible that you have a technologically savvy family member who would be willing to take care of it for you and in all likelihood they will be younger and more familiar with all the different platforms you might have and would certainly have a different set of skills to the more responsible grown you you might have appointed as your Executor.  We have coined the phrase ‘Digital Curator’ and they would be handed whatever logins or keys to sort all this out for you.  

We can arrange for you to store a password manager or even a file with all the accounts and logins that would be handed over only if you died and never before!  Lord, imagine if your cousin could see some of the email threads you have right now?  

This isn’t stuff you should put in the will itself though, which is why we recommend you pay attention to this planning section in Headstone. Even if you don’t do much, just having the passcode to unlock your phone or login to your computer might just be enough to help get people going with sorting out the mess.

This is because after your death, your will actually becomes a public document, and you do not want sensitive information to become public. It is far easier to simply update this section in the Headstone platform as life goes on, and things change, which is why we would encourage all of our Headstonerz to log in regularly and make sure this sort of stuff is up to date!    

Just have a think about what photos or videos you would want to leave for people to remember you by; you could probably discount all those photos of your breakfast, but your loved ones will want to see that lovely record of your life for sure and you might even think about your ancestors, who could login from Mars one day and check out what their great-great-great parent got up to back on the old home planet.  Facebook for example, rather than closing the account and losing all photos and memories, allows you to memorialise it but at Headstone we think we have a better solution that can be more private and better controlled by you and your family.  

You’re young, single, full of the joys of life and unburdened yet by marriage, mortgage and children but accidents happen and losing you will be a whole lot more painful and difficult for those you leave behind so please just spend a few minutes with us to make some of that awful process a lot easier.  Your poor Mum does not want to spend months or years dealing with this and being hounded by banks or phone companies when all she wants to do is sit in your old room and cry over the photo of you in your first school play.  

Headstone isn't about you, it's for people you care about

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