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A quick fire guide to funeral planning


We’d really love it if you got the ball rolling for your loved ones by starting some sort of planning for them, just incase.  If you don’t then here is what they will be faced with.

Be Prepared With The Death Certificate And The Disposal Certificate

Before they even try to plan the funeral. They will need theDeath Certificate and the Disposal Certificate from the Registrar of Births,Deaths, and Marriages. The Funeral Director cannot start making plans without these although they might give you some preliminary advice about timings and costs.

Verify The Will

They will have to check your Will to see if there are any special funeral instructions.  Client susing Headstone have the option of setting out quite a lot of detail if they want to about where, when, what type of service etc and who should or shouldn’t be there but this can be best done through the Letter of Wishes which you can use to supplement your Will and expand on certain instructions that you don’t want to form part of the Public Record in your Will.  

Funeral Plans On Finance

They will have to go through all your paperwork to see if there are any documents indicating whether you have paid for your funeral in advance.  These types of plans are popular with much older people or those who are terminally ill but most people don’t have these plans. In most circumstances, the cost of the funeral should normally be met by the estate and bank accounts in your name and this can be accessed directly by the Funeral Director to pay for funerals and cremations.Often, contacting the bank or building society and presenting the invoice from the funeral home would result in the bank or building society issuing a payment to the funeral home. Also, if you hire solicitors to handle the estate administration, they may be able to pay the bill as soon as funds become available so long as they know the estate value and what cash you might have that they will get access to.  But listen, how is anyone meant to know any of this unless you leave some sort of instructions. Can you imagine the stress people will be under?

Select The Funeral Director

To plan the funeral, they will have to find a local independent Funeral Director, probably by using Google and working their way through various paid advertisements and talking to multiple companies about how funerals work and what options they offer. Then they will have to ensure that they involve those that want to contribute to the planning and who know you best.  If you haven’t used Headstone and no one has any idea about what sort of funeral you might want then you are just leaving dozens and dozens of really difficult conversations for people that might haunt them for a long time.

Funeral Decisions To Be Made

Do you want the body to be buried or cremated, have instructions been left; where the funeral should begin and when it should take place; whether a religious service should be held – where it should be held, who should conduct it; whether you want flowers (and what happens to them after the service) or a charity donation; whether to write an obituary or place an announcement of the death in a national or local newspaper; if cremation is the preferred method of disposition. There are so many things to consider so recruit help wisely but let the Funeral Director support you with their expertise too.


So please just try this out and see if in just a couple of minutes you could leave something useful for those you care about.



I haven’t made any proper plans but here is a quick guide to what you have to sort out. Cheers.

Got a Funeral Director?

If yes, then who is it:

Who needs to be told:



Other important people from school/uni/work/sports club:

Made a will?  

Where is it if you have one?

Coffin preferences?  Simple/fancy/eco friendly/don’t care

Open or closed casket if you’re in one piece?

Clothes to be buried in or with?

Buried or cremated? Ashes scattered somewhere?


Order of Service- speeches, hymns, songs, stories, jokes, who is in charge or do you want to speak?

Want the newspaper to know?

Any preference over who carries your coffin?

Want a wake or special send off?

Anyone banned from attending?

Got any memorial wishes?

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