The most important Employee Benefit since Auto Enrolment

Store the information your family will need

Get a customised report in minutes

The platform takes minutes to set up the Headstart Report which will give your family a lot of information right away that they might otherwise have to wait months for.

You can store anything you think is relevant in our Policies and Documents Vault. These might be statements from pensions or investments, letters for people, your Will or a Letter of Wishes

You can use our content to help have discussions with your family about what you all want to happen.

Most importantly, you can do quite a lot of useful planning in just a few minutes and then get on with a million more fun things to do with your day. Even we don't like talking about this stuff, which is why we built it this way.

How we connect with you

Update your plan from anywhere

We wanted to offer our platform across multiple devices so that people can access, update and service their Headstone plan from anywhere.  We need to keep in touch now and then:

  • You will need to refresh our permissions to link to your bank every 90 days

  • Major changes in your life and credit profile can require updates to your plan

  • As life progresses you will accumulate things to record and store here

We don't mind how much or how little you use the platform. Our only advice is that the more you do in the few seconds it takes you, the less weeks and months your family might spend figuring it out.

Headstone isn't about you, it's for people you care about

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