The most important Employee Benefit since Auto Enrolment

The quickest way to make a plan

Why do I need this?

  • Your staff need leadership and guidance on difficult things

  • Benefits should be tangible and helpful

  • Reduce financial stress with useful tools and technology

Your job running the company is to think of worst case scenario sometimes.

Headstone helps you help others

No excuses not to do the bare minimum.

In a few clicks you can:

  • Protect your loved ones from a lot more stress in the worst time of their lives

  • Make sure they get what they are meant to and don't miss out

  • Give your loved ones ideas to help them with stuff you just don't want to talk about

As employers, managers, leaders or just as family members, it's your job to care about others and help them as much as you can. Headstone helps you do that.

Employers can offer more support to their staff and families

Remember Auto Enrolment? Ā It was implemented to force people to do something sensible that will benefit them in the long run. Ā Headstone is no different. Ā Companies can show leadership and foresight by supporting the families of their staff with a tool that has no downside.

Headstone isn't about you, it's for people you care about

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