The most important Employee Benefit since Auto Enrolment

Ed spends just a few minutes putting all his important details into one place... means his family will have a headstart should anything happen to him.

Our technology gives Jez peace of mind in just 3 minutes...

...because if the worse happens he knows his family will have immediate access to all his details.

Maggie knows that life goes on but it will be difficult without help...

…so she uses Headstone to sort her affairs out in minutes so her husband wouldn’t have to.

Sammy banks and shops online, most of her life is online...

…so it makes sense to handover a digital plan for all this to her parents, just in case.

Tom uses the Headstone platform to quickly organise his affairs...

…so he can get on with running his business.
Setting this up as a benefit for your staff could not be easier
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You would always give your loved ones a head start if you could.

June 2018 riding my motorbike, I had a head on collision with a car. The result was pretty horrific. I ended up being helicoptered to hospital where I underwent 3 major operations over 3 days.

Had I been killed that day, my family would have had a nightmare. No idea of bank accounts, no idea of the life assurance policies, pensions or even knowing the DD’s running through the bank. Where on earth would they start and how?

This is why we have created Headstone…organise your life in 3 minutes, don’t do it for you - do it for your family.

Greg Gormley, Co-Founder & Chairman

Quickly and safely link to your financial information


Enter Information quickly

You are busy but we only need a few minutes to create something awesome together.

Tool Bag

Financial tools

There is a lot of financial data out there which you can access and handover to the right people.


High level security

Top level security is the norm these days with financial services and we are no different.


Guided process

You have pressed all these buttons before but now you can do it for something useful.

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Supporting Guides

We have put a lot of thought into helping people get to grips with this difficult topic, here are some of our key articles. To access our full library of information please sign in

It doesn’t matter who you are, we’re here to help


Busy Professionals

You might have a will, you might have insurance but you haven't told your family where the really useful and important stuff is.  Make sure they get every penny they are owed and don't have months of sorting out your mess.


New Family

Your responsibilities just escalated. You're probably sleep deprived and need a shower and don't have a lot of time to sort out the important stuff you need to protect your family so use our tools to get going in minutes.

2 Young people


You probably feel invincible and this stuff doesn't apply to you but it does, accidents happen and your family probably has no clue where to even start and instead of mourning they will be lumbered with piecing your life together so you can be properly remembered.

Warning Sign

High Risk Occupation

You might get shot at for a living or somehow dance around rooftops on planks so have insurance, maybe a will but make sure you handover the really important stuff that means your family can be taken care of quickly.

Your life. Your information. Your plan.
Our responsibility.

Headstone isn't about you, it's for people you care about

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